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The Thousand Years of Woman and Peace

A New Knowledge is About to Overtake the World and Change Everything.

Hamas Hot Anger

Hamas in Hebrew means Hot Anger. Anger comes from hatred eventually exploding into violence. The genocide of Hamas is imminent. Our brave soldiers are on their way to remove the cancer from the land. But the question is, what happens after the war is over? The only way to stop duplicating this cycle of violence is by overcoming hatred. The worse kind of hatred is the hatred for no logical reason like antisemitism. The antidote to hatred is obviously love. According to our Jewish sages, the entire Torah can be incapsulated by the commandment: Love your friend like yourself. Since the majority of the Palestinian populous in Gaza are children and they are still comparable to a blank piece of paper contrasted to other sheets of paper used and erased, the children can be reeducated into love instead of hatred. The oppressor to the Palestinian People is Hamas. Once freed from this oppression, the onus in on Palestinian People initiated from love of self, family, and land can make a new society based on peace and love proving to the world they are truly worthy to have their own state able to live peaceably with their neighbors. 


If the Palestinian People remain in their present state of hatred and violence, they do not deserve to have a state. 

Space and Time Redefined

ZOHAR - Beneath the BlackWhole Book Cover.png

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Beneath the BlackWhole

Compelling Evidence Redefining
the Confines of Creation

dovid has taken the line from infinity, weaving a spiral of time carefully delineating subtle differences flowing through the universe directed directly at the Earth.

dovid explains, the pinnacle place each human being occupies in these End of Days when the paradigm shifts culminating with man elevating woman above himself. Incorporating the ancient Zohar with modern astronomy produces a new paradigm based on the 248 year cycle of the ninth planet around the Sun.

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Beyond the BlackWhole

Compelling Evidence Superseding
the Big Bang Theory

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