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The Thousand Years of Woman and Peace is the focus of my work. This long awaited time begins with a 220 year transition period born from the chaos of 2020. My book, Sex a Metaphor to History—Trump 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman provides a clear understanding of how we got here and the beautiful future before us.


In 1998, I wrote a short manuscript called: 26645 A New Cosmology and World History based on the Cabala. I had begun to unravel the DNA of creation and in 1999 sent the manuscript logically predicting the five moons around Pluto to the Library of Congress. 


Ten years later astronomers discovered the five moons around Pluto and recently flew by to corroborate their findings. My work unravels the secrets of creation by twisting the line of time into a spiral. Sex is a ubiquitous metaphor from the beginning of creation to the end. God is not spiritual. Earth is the lowest place in creation. God created creation to be known in low.  

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dovid B. Timeless, has taken the line from infinity to weave a spiral of time carefully delineating subtle differences flowing through the universe directed directly at the Earth.



dovid B. Timeless, explains the pinnacle place each human being occupies in these End of Days when male energy evolves concluding with man elevating woman above himself


dovid B. Timeless, has cracked the code to the Zohar, the DNA of the universe, presented in the language of creation common to all. Sex a Metaphor to History—Trump 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman is a must read.


420--Let's. Get High w/Jewish mystic dovid B. Timeless 

June 17, 2021