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My predilection to the written word began at very young age but I did not begin reading until I went into the navy after high school and have always read slowly. I find words transportive, taking me to places beyond my imagination. I was humbled by the writer’s ability to write. By the time I got out of the navy, discharged in San Francisco in 1965 at the age of 21, I had decided to become a writer. I figured that I could always learn to write but now was the time live. I put my thumb out; five years and 30,000 miles later I decided to radically change my life—to pursue truth through my Jewish roots.


I burned everything I had written and embarked on a new path in life. I learned to read Hebrew and began a lifetime occupation with the Jewish books. Hebrew is a short language and the authors are skilled at brevity. I was intimidated at first by the depth and clarity of these books. Every word meant something because the authors, some ancient and some modern, had led scrupulous lives dedicated to bringing light from Heaven into the world through their words. For fifty years every day I read these books along with my lay interest in everything in the world, I have derived beautiful and unique information. 


I began writing again shortly after being married; from my experiences being a truck driver in New York City I crudely scribed out on a typewriter a short book of short stories along with a book of parables. We moved to Israel where I wrote a novel. After 19 years, the marriage ended. I returned to America and began a sad decline into madness. I was unable to write while my heart was breaking. I ended up homeless. I had been reading Tarot cards in clubs in NYC and finally moved to Woodstock where I had a public access program called Jewish Misticism—the mist of the ism. I produced this weekly hour long show for seven years before being overcome by a curse from the local rabbi, burned down my house and left town.


Besides my madness, I was being torn asunder by a tightening invisible band around my belly. Knowing I close to death, I went behind the Redwood curtain determined to write down everything I could before the end. I wrote six books and three years, had a miraculous recovery and moved to San Francisco where I had been raised. I have moved many times since then but at the age of 73 living my my ’89 Volvo station wagon I returned to LA where I had been born but left at the age of three. Over the last three years I have recovered my health and to a great degree settled my mind and spirit. 


I have written twenty books but I have never had the money or expertise to actually market my work. I have one book published by Inner Traditions and four self-published books. The books I study has greatly influenced my thinking pattern, my writing and I have become the vehicle of a supernal knowledge. After fifty years of work, I have come to the culmination of my work and am ready to put everything into making these works known to the world. Recently, I began a You Tube half hour broadcast that drew a few people and one of them liked my words so much, he sent me seven thousand dollars. I am using this money to make my work known.  I am pregnant with books. 

I now live in Jerusalem

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