July 28, 2017

Since the six thousand year Hebrew calendar dating back to the first human being has reached the pivotal point of 5,777—indicating the transition between the six thousand years of male energy and the rising of the Feminine Waters, concluding with the beginning of the T...

July 19, 2017

The Eclipse of 5,777​The eclipse crossing America on August 21, 2017 coincides with the prophetic time implied in the six thousand year Hebrew calendar...

February 21, 2016



In the Hebrew language the generic name of the Creator is Elohim, which can be translated as: God of Plurality. Also, the gematria of Elohim is 86, the same gematria as the word HaTeva/The Nature. Because of the ubiquitous nature of nature, all things reflect a simil...

January 21, 2016



Because God is neither physical nor spiritual and nothing in creation is anything like the Creator, and since the reason for creation is so the Creator can be known in time and space, God needs names and prophets to communicate to us in our world. The Names of God (i...

January 3, 2016



The soft voice of a broken heart is where God listens; essence and truth are quiet––the melding of oneness happens when the ego has nothing left to chew on. Outward expressions, even out of torment or bliss, are but a glimmer from the essence many times attenuated. W...

December 28, 2015



Long standing barriers give witness the extreme weather, exaggerated by mass amounts of pollution in the air and water; depleted food and radiation entering the atmosphere through the holes in the ozone layer make life on Earth precarious, at best. Some say, this is...

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The Meaning of the Eclipse (2017)

July 31, 2017

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