August 9, 2017

Designed for beginners and experienced readers alike, this online workshop will take you through a journey to understand the Kabbalistic symbolism of these ancient cards, and how to perform successful readings for yourself and others.

July 19, 2017

The Eclipse of 5,777​The eclipse crossing America on August 21, 2017 coincides with the prophetic time implied in the six thousand year Hebrew calendar...

February 22, 2016



Unfortunately, the abortion scandal has yet to break into the media because people are not ready to hear the truth. What is the truth? Truth is only found in Heaven and the books transmitted from Heaven, the Torah and the Koran, agree that life does not begin at conc...

February 8, 2016



The Jewish People, who have 613 Commandments and laws without end, which involve every situation imaginable, yet there are no laws concerning sex––because God loves sex. There are many laws and constraints regarding when and with whom one can engage in sexual behavio...

January 8, 2016



The common definition of Aliens are other physical aberrations of conscious life but according to ancient understandings, there is no room in creation for other physical entities because physicality exists only on the Earth. Beyond the Earth is Heaven, extending out...

January 6, 2016



There is a loneliness is being born, living then leaving the world through the doorway of death; we are born alone and live life populated with people trying to get close but end letting go––the infant comes into the world with a clenched fist while the dead leave wi...

December 17, 2015



Religion has lied, either out of stupidity and ignorance or out of malice complicit with hidden agendas, asserting God is spiritual. This erroneous pronouncement, complicated by the lack of any converse opinion has led the world to the brink of the precipice from whe...

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