Covid Means

Respect, Heavy and Liver. These three different translations for the word Covid in Hebrew represent the three triangles of the body: Brain, Heart and Liver as portrayed in the: Head, Torso and Hips. Respect is in the Head, Heavy is in the Heart and the Liver pushes out the filth from the body. What is God’s message to the world? Perhaps, the human being should respect the Earth, feel the heaviness of our actions and purify the bad from the good.      

שסד) מגו כבד, ויותרת דילה, נפקת מרה, ואיהי חרבא דמלאך המות, דנפקו מנה טפין מרירן לקטלא בני נשא. ואחריתה מרה כלענה. ואיהי תליא בכבד, כל מרעין ומותא 

ביה תליין   



Parsah Pinchus 



Within the Covid (Liver) and even more (Lilith) comes out bitterness, and the sword from the Malech HaMovet/ Angel of Death, comes out a drop of bitterness killing the human being. Afterwards comes the bitterness of wormwood. This is dependent on the Covid (Liver). All sickness and death is in the Covid (Liver). 

The Roots of Racism

An Open Letter to Joe Biden—Repudiate Catholic Dogma


The obvious root to racism in America is unquestionably the Catholic Church who preaches, Black People are cursed from God to be slaves. Much like Trump, the Church makes unfounded proclamations without evidence, assuming their exalted opinion will have more sway than the truth. Similarly, the Church has made other unconscionable accusations like: the Jews killing god, homosexuals are abhorrent to the Creator and how life begins at conception. All of these allegations are blatantly untrue, false and deliberately dispersed for their divisive effect upon the populous.


All christianity stems from Rome, christianity is the religion of Rome. The Jewish People call this expansive time since the dispersion from the Holy Land, the two thousand year Roman exile. By the year two thousand, Rome had conquered the world as seen from their insistence to war in Iraq against the objections from the nations around the globe. Religion has always been a big part of Rome’s conquest, a way to control and weaken the populous through unrealistic restraints on sex, coupled with the dread of eternal damnation in Hell. Rome fights dirty, attacking the sex.


Strange that an institution known for centuries as places of pedophilia and rampant homosexuality are given property tax exemptions in perpetuity, allowing the Church the slanderous right to accuse the Jewish People, the Black People, Marginalized People and even all people, but without any evidence? This is the ultimate display of being above the law, where proclamations usurp logic, where ancient stories are skewed to benefit an agenda, like proclaiming Black People are curse by God to be slaves. There is a story similar to this in the Torah/Teachings of the Jewish People.


Noah escaped the flood with his three sons. After a year at sea, the human remnant consisting of four couples made landfall. Noah wanted to have a fourth son but Chom, his youngest son, castrated his drunken father thus incurring upon himself the curse of his forth born child to slave for his brothers. The forth son of Chom is Caanan who wanders up from Africa and takes hold of the future land of Israel. God says, Let the slave hold the land until my people come and that is what happened. Caanan became slaves to the Jews and eventually became Jewish. Jewish Law protects the slave from cruelty and in the end, all freed slaves, when their master dies, automatically becomes Jewish. 


There is nothing in this story pertaining to a person’s skin color. Similarly, there is no historical Jesus. Not one shred of evidence that Jesus even existed has been unearthed in two thousand years and yet the Church insists the Jews killed god. The only way we know Jesus did exist is through the Koran, a prophetic book proclaiming Jesus to be a prophet. Nowhere in the Koran is mentioned a cross. Only the Torah and the Koran are prophetic books. The Bible is just a plainly racist book written by men without intercession from Heaven, a text meant to elevate Rome. 


The prohibition in the Torah against man laying with another man is only relevant to Jewish men. All other men and certainly all women are completely free in their exploration and expression of their sexuality. There are 613 Commandments given to the Jewish People with laws defining the boundaries to strictnesses in all aspects of human life. Only the Jewish People are bound by these severities, nobody else. Yet, the world is welcomed to learn from these ancient ideas and postulations without any obligation. Torah means Teachings. The teacher hopes the teaching will evoke questions.


Lastly, both the Torah and the Koran agree, a soul enters into the body forty-one days after conception. If a woman were to terminate a pregnancy before forty-one days, this is not an abortion. In the terms of the Talmud—This is nothing. Even doctors recognize the transition at forty-one days when the zygote becomes an embryo. God is pro-choice for the first forty days, God allows women time to decide if indeed they want to get pregnant. God is much kinder than the Church.


There is no question, these are slanderous allegations against huge swaths of peoples without any kind of corroboration, at all. The Church is clearly above the law with the untethered right to be wherever they want and pay no taxes and to say whatever they want without fear of any kind of retribution. Buying their way out of countless scandals with the millions of dollars collected from helpless supplicants. How can I vote for a man who adheres to such atrocities? Our country is unfortunately based on this racist bible and a Roman religion with one goal—domination. 


Joe Biden, if you want my vote, you will have to earn my vote. Repudiate the vicious dogma of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Los Angeles, California