Frequently Asked Questions









Who is Dovid?

Good question. Dovid is an anomaly. At seventy, dovid has yet to find his place in this world. He is thoroughly studied in Hebrew and Aramaic and is devoted to the Torah but he is not religious; dovid is a wanderer but has recently found permanence in Portland, Oregon. Dovid has written 15 books, five of which are in print. Dovid thinks, he can radically change the world.


2) Why do you spell Kabbalah with a C, as in Cabala?

The true nature of the Jewish mystical tradition is patently feminine, which is denote by the curve of the C more than the line of the K. Furthermore, the Cabala is the most hidden and therefore the most feminine of Jewish studies; the written text of the Torah is considered masculine while the Oral Torah is feminine––the Cabala is the most hidden of all Jewish knowledge.


3) What is the meaning of the number 432, the harmonic of the Earth?

The name of our planet, as written in the Zohar-Book of Secret, is Tavel whose letters transmuted into numbers renders the sum of 432. 


4) Where did the dinosaurs come from?

According to the Zohar-Book of Secret, division of the singularity caused the creation of severity which immediately fell into the sea. When the first two human beings, Adom and Chava, eat from the Tree of Knowledge-Good and Bad, the severity, which had been submerged in the sea crawled out onto land.


5) Where and what is free choice?

The freedom to chose is only only this world because everything else is spiritual and there is too much light in the spiritual worlds to allow freedom of choice to exist. The ultimate freedom of choice is to include the Creator into one’s experience of creation.



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