Thank you for your interest in Kabbalistic Tarot. Originally I self-published this book under the name: Listening to the Soul. With the help of a wonderful editor from Inner Traditions, came this new and improved version. Somethings, out of necessity, were left out. Here is one example. I appreciate your interest in my work and invite you to please buy and review my books


From Listening to the Soul:    

    The language of the Cabala is sexual. 

    Five hundred years ago, Isaac Luria, called the Ari, a name meaning, Lion, followed a vision from his home in Egypt that led him to Sfat, Israel, a small town perched on a mountaintop overlooking the Sea of Galilee or Kinneret, as is known in Hebrew. Kinneret means, Harp. The sea spreading at the foot of the mountain has the shape of a harp.

    In Sfat, a circle of Cabalists had gathered together in an attempt to understand the mystery of the Zohar, a mystical text transmitted by Shimom ben Yechoi, after the destruction the Second Temple by the Roman general Titus two thousand previous. Issac Luria, known as the Ari/Lion, was the answer to their prayers.

    The distinguished sage Chaim Vital, whose name means, Life both in Hebrew and in Latin, traveled from Spain to Sfat and when the Spanish pilgrim met the Ari, he told him, “I have heard your teachings, but I cannot read them.”

    “Why is that? asked the Ari

    “Your teachings are very sexual.”

    “I came to this world to teach you. Become my student and I will teach you everything and you can put it into a different form.”

    The Ari took Chaim Vital down the mountain to the sea. They rowed a small boat into the Kinneret, guided by the Ari. At a certain spot, the Ari stopped the boat, he lowered a cup into the water and gave his student to drink.

    “We are taught,” explained the Ari, “Mariam’s Well (the rock traveling with the Jewish People during the forty years in the desert, spouting water without end to support the Twelve Tribes) rolled into this sea when the Jewish nation entered the Promised Land. This is the place, this is the water from that well. Whoever drinks from Miriam Well never forgets.”

    After his study with the Ari, Chaim Vital wrote many books from what he remembered and he remembered everything.  All his books employ sexual language as the way to understand the mystery. Luria’s disciple looked directly at the Master’s teachings and was unable to express his work differently because sex is the language of creation.

Kabbalistic Tarot

KABBALISTIC TAROT is a new revelation from an ancient Jewish tradition based on the Tree of Life.

KABBALISTIC TAROT is a synthesis of ancient knowledge filtered through two thousand years of Western history blooming into a system able to relate a message of the soul.

KABBALISTIC TAROT is a clear explanation as to how the ten components of the Tree of Life can also be expressed in solar system, the Earth's geography and the human body.

KABBALISTIC TAROT is simple method to communicate a clear message from the soul of the person being read. The soul is carved out of a star and connects to human through a small line of light entering into the right side of the brain.

KABBALISTIC TAROT is able to transmit ancient knowledge through a clear explanation of complex disciplines translated into pictures and numbers.

KABBALISTIC TAROT is the culmination from decades of practice and observation. 

KABBALISTIC TAROT is a beautiful book meant to help the common folk looking for advice beyond science and religion.

KABBALISTIC TAROT was upon publication sent to thirty Jewish publishers for review but all declined the opportunity. I wear their zero as a halo.