Thank you for your interest in The Other Side. These stories are precious to me because they were my first advent into being a writer while still in my twenties, discovering what Jewish means to me. I did not have a Jewish education growing up and did not learn to read Hebrew until the age of 26. These patently Jewish stories reveal a young sincere heart, sensitive to suffering, having just exploded out of the Sixties, like little jewels on a neckless. The little stories of life never cease but these are the ones I managed to record.


It is said, Fact is stranger than fiction; and I do believe that to be true—but on the other hand, fiction is far more truer than fact because the world we live in is a false world. These beautiful stories of life continue to be recycled throughout generations because, God is the author and Heaven is the book but we are the story. Life is short, and there is something in the short story paying homage to that fact. I hope you enjoy these little stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please buy, read and review.