Faster than the speed of light

365 squared times 2000 equals 266,450,000

The thing about this number is the approximate number of the years that the scientists say that the stars blinked on after the big bang. That there was a thing that happened, that there were no stars and for about a quarter of a billion years, about 250 million years, all of a sudden the stars went on! And this has an inverse meaning in the Kabbalah. Instead of a big bang, the Zohar explains that there was rather a big evacuation, because in the beginning all there was, was called ‘hard light”, light without any space, therefore there’s no time. Just hard light. And if God wanted a creation (time and space) there had to be made a whole inside of the hard light. And that’s where creation is. So instead of being, instead of light coming to us for millions of years, it’s really the opposite that the shards, the stars moved from this place, and that’s actually where we see that the shards are moving away from us in every direction that we look. Because we are actually the center of creation, this is how the Zohar explains it.

But this number has a much deeper meaning, Kabbalistically, that 26 is the name of God. In Gematria, every letter in Hebrew has a number equivalent. So, God’s name Yod-heh-vav-heh is number 26 and the first human being, that we all come from, is 45. And the 6 in-between are the six days of creation, which are prototyped to the 6 thousand years, so we’re now at 5772. I know I’m throwing around a lot of numbers, but this is history, the history of creation.

So this is basically what the book is about. I’d like to have people read my book, but I thought to speak about how I actually came to write this book. It’s a rather interesting story, it took 15 years. First I got this information and I recognized that this answered an unanswerable question. Which is: “why did God create creation when God did?” And all that they can come up with is that there was no time before that. But we see there is time before time, because God played with creation for two thousand years before time, so we see there’s this whole web of time. And this answers the question that when time got to that place where man and God could come together, that’s where the 6 days of creation, and God said stop. Stop in Hebrew is Dai… so God is called Shaddai, all these things going on suddenly stopped. The interesting thing about shaddai is it’s the same gematria as Pi. 3.14 And that’s why we find Pi everywhere in creation. Shaddai is the name that God uses for creation. So I’d like to interweave all this stuff, and I saw this in the very beginning and I realized that I discovered actually a new constant which would allow people to travel faster than the speed of light.

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