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Hundred Years of War

The Zohar–Book of Secret, written two thousand years ago, predicts: a moan from Heaven evoked by happenings upon the Earth will be the loudest moan since the beginning of creation––that date predicted was 5674 in the Hebrew calendar or 1914 in the Roman calendar. The year 1914 is when the First World War began. A hundred years has elapsed since that ignominious date and war had devolved from a spiritual necessity into the religious wars of our time.

However, the meaning of the predicted date 1914 was not about war but rather, evoking the ethereal birth promised to the world six thousand years ago at the advent of the human being on planet Earth. The Hebrew calendar expires in 233 years at the six thousand mark. The reality the conception, which began five thousand years ago, is about to culminate in birth. War is the smokescreen of politics.

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