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The Meaning of 777

All sevens are beloved. The number seven reflects: woman and rest and can be translated as completion, satiation and vow. Three sevens together make the sum 21, a number indicative of the future. Since the year 5,777 in the Hebrew calendar is only months away–are we then on the brink of the future? Seemingly, the future never comes because the future is constantly be overtaken by the present then quickly discarded as the past. However, there are demarcation lines set along the course of creation and 777 is one of those markers set along the road of life.

We will know the future has arrived when war has ended. War over disputed land can be negotiated but the war over religion will never end because religion is endemically false––pandering God for a buck plus a tax loophole allowing religion to accumulate property without worry of foreclosure. We should have a hands on policy when it comes to religion and tax them out of existence. Ancient traditions and more modern spiritual ways have adopted the banner of religion for the tax break but money has eroded their goodness and blighted their knowledge. Stop religion and war will cease.

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