The Two Lies of Reality

––December 14, 2015

Reality is subjective. Each person has a unique way of viewing the surrounding world but we rely on religion and science to tell us the truth. Science informs us of the factual reality through empirical exploration while religion explains the spiritual component of life––unfortunately, both are lies. The lie of science in the Big Bang where something comes out of nothing; the lie of religion is Monotheism. These two fundamental theories have undermined the human spirit by convincing arguments reducing human existence to be no more than a momentary flicker. Monotheism makes God into the head spiritual being.

God is neither spiritual nor physical––God is the Creator of physical and spiritual. Before creation, there was God and God’s Name called, OreAinSof/LightWithoutEnd. Creation came about through the Creator engraving into this hard light, a space––nothing coming out of something. The collusion between science and religion, has skewed reality, causing the human being, instead of feeling in the middle of creation as God intended, feels the insignificance and the futility of our efforts. By taking away human dignity and leading the sheep astray in the wilderness of this physical world has minimized the meaning of life.

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