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The Government is the Conspiracy

Inevitably, when anyone accusing the government of being conspiratorial, the government laughs, even the president laughs, as if the idea of government conspiracy is unheard of, ridiculous. The reason for this ubiquitous response is because the government is the conspiracy, conspiring against the people, fueled by hidden agendas. Those who espouse conspiracy theories are ridiculed and disenfranchised because truth does not do well in this false world of money and power. What is one to do? To fight against the government is pointless, better to fight against religion who pushes the government into war convincing people to kill for the sake of God.

The word America can be broken down into two Hebrew words, Am/People and Ricka/Empty; this emptiness of the American People is exploited by government and religion to manipulated the populous into preordained situations. A spiritual revolution is necessary to remove this shroud of religious darkness and let the people see the light. Religion is like the married wife of the government, perpetually poked him to go out, make more money and fight her wars. A spiritual revolution would expose religion and their unholy connection with government. Religion owns more property than anyone in the world and they pay no taxes.

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