The Two Questions of Creation

Where does creation begin and where does creation end? In other words, What is the expanse of creation? The Torah teaches, Creation began with Mie/Who and ends with Mah/What––who created creation and what is creation? These two questions are repeated by each generation at a very early age asking, What is reality and who made all this? The modern answer is: creation created oneself in a big bang. These questions are fundamental to life yet often dismissed as unanswerable. Even scientists agree, the probability of life spontaneously happening anywhere in the universe is nil.

Yet, from the Earth we see the stars racing away from us as if we are the center of the universe, where the human being, able to articulate thoughts into salient speech, proclaims our place in the universe by asking––Who created this? The answer to this question is essential to the second question––What is creation. These two questions is the germinated seed of each life; from this germination grows a tree and from the tree comes a fruit––some bitter and some sweet. Before we die, each one of us will answer for ourselves––who created this and what is it?

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