Who is God

Religion has lied, either out of stupidity and ignorance or out of malice complicit with hidden agendas, asserting God is spiritual. This erroneous pronouncement, complicated by the lack of any converse opinion has led the world to the brink of the precipice from where the world falls through eternal meanderings spiraling down into the pit of death––first the human dies, then the Earth dies, then the solar system dies, then the universe dies because meaning is dead. So is the scenario of spiritual gods who rule the heavens like an axe rules the forest, and not the woodsman.

Until religion came along, everyone in the world knew the Creator was neither physical nor spiritual, it is why they turned to idols who rule the spiritual planes providing sustenance to the human being through the heavens––God was too far removed from creation. Avraham, four thousand years ago, brought the news to the world––God was everywhere to everyone all the time. Religion made from the Abrahamic knowledge the concept of Monotheism––there is one god and not many––once again removing God from the grasp of man. Only spiritual revolution can remove the stain of religion before God.

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