God Control not Gun Control

Religious people own the vast majority of guns; people afraid of religious fervor and the volatile nature of religious intolerance try to control guns––like trying to control the tail of a lion. Better to have God Control than Gun Control. The government should have control on who speaks in the Name of God; selling life after death should be a crime––fraud. Anyone who wants to speak in the Name of God can not take money or any other means of payment because God takes no payment and is unimpressed by stature or wealth. Truth is God’s signet.

If we had God Control, people with guns would know, would have to sign a disclosure stating: God is everywhere, all the time, to everyone. If there was God control, children would be left to find the creator; books of prophesy would be available, ancient knowledge from all parts of the globe would coalesce––teachers would be an honored position. If we had God Control instead of Gun Control, we would not have politician spouting off their religious fundamentalism meant to substantiate their violent views of world domination. Only, spiritual revolution can stop their arrogances from, once again, overtaking the world.

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