The Is of Isis

Names of people and institutions sometimes have a deeper, unintended meaning like Bush and Dick or Isis, made from two times Is. As a statement of being, the word Is, incapsulates the ego; twice Is, blinds the eyes from seeing the truth––even the blood of innocent women and children has no effect on those blinded by an immense ego. There are two types of ego, one the natural feeling of being, the other is an ego augmented by a fanatical belief in a religious doctrine. To make war on the world, Isis needs both egos to blind their eyes to their deeds.

The ego is likened to a pane of glass enveloping the person in an invisible shield, making it possible to interact with the world; people who acquire too much money turn the glass into a mirror where all they see is themselves––opposite to the ego of arrogance is humility. The greatest humility of the human being is the shattered glass of a broken heart. The Middle East strewn with the broken shards from centuries of warfare, was meant to be the fulcrum of peace. Perhaps the conquerors, should have enough humility to admit to their hundred year war against Islam.

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