Whatever Happened to Love

Love, compassion, beauty and truth are different facets of the same quality. All peoples throughout the world hold these qualities as virtues of the highest degree. Love is the act of giving, compassion is giving even if the person does not deserve; things are beautiful because a resonants of truth, a basic symmetry of nature is revealed. Countries devoted to war, as America is devoted to war––a war economy, a war mentality and a waring disposition––sacrifice these high ideals for the vision of a better future. But, without truth there is no justice; and without beauty life is grey.

There is no compassion without love and when love leaves, the human being becomes less than the animal who has a wicked deposition through instinct. Love harnesses the Creator to creation. The great Jewish mystic from three hundred years ago when asked, How to love God? Answered, By loving what God loves. What does God love? God loves all of creation. Many people speak love but their actions belie their love. Creation will go on for a very long time but for the brief breath moment of our soul being conscious in our physical body––nothing is more important than love.

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