Capitalism and Religion

A hundred years ago, capitalists afraid of FDR and his social programs, made a compact with religion to sell capitalism to the masses as a way of thwarting the New Deal. This hundred year legacy has insured an iron clad hold on the tax exemption for all property owned by religion, plus a place at the negotiating table and a powerful voice in the halls of congress. The ancient tradition of helping the poor was squeezed out from the confines of religion becoming a front for debasing of the truth. Religions professing kindness and charity turn their backs on the poor.

A spiritual revolution would tax religion and foreclose on properties until organized religion is treated like any other nonprofit. In ancient days religion did not pay taxes because they held the keys to truth, but now in our days that the veneer of religion is disintegrating and chasms open up over social issues––people are fleeing the constrictive hold of religion for spiritual. Religion is the cloak over the fire; when the cloak is removed the fire can ascent. From that spiritual abode, revolution is obligatory––bringing light into the world. Let religion go fight with the light.

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