The Christian God

The Torah, the overarching canopy describing all of Jewish knowledge, translated as Teaching, obligates the Jewish People to directly serve the Creator of Heaven and Earth, while other peoples are allowed to connect through an intermediary such as Jesus. The Arab People are equally obligated through the Koran to serve God directly but the rest of the world, who did not have communication through prophesy, are allowed to engage an intermediary. Rome, famous for living by the sword, has adopted an intermediary and now insists––their way is the only way to God. Without prophecy or book, Christians repudiate both the Torah and the Koran.

Theologians unabashedly proclaim, Christians pray to another god, while still maintaining a belief in One God. The Torah establishes guidelines for the nations permitting intermediaries in the place of God. For those people unable to conceive of the Creator being beyond time, space and spirit, they can pass their message through the intermediary and God will accept their prayers––so indeed, in the end we all pray to the same God. But, the arrogance of religion has made God into a commodity by which Heaven is sold and few are redeemed. A spiritual revolution is required.


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