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There is no evidence that people of antiquities ever smoked marijuana, though they certainly knew about cannabis to produce rope; also, the Temple in Jerusalem burnt incense cured in large amounts of marijuana––yet there is no record from the people of that time smoking marijuana. WTF. A deeper look into this conundrum finds many spiritual qualities connected to this powerful herb whose female attribute gets you high, while the diverse smells marijuana produces is similar to the Mana, which fell in the Wilderness tasting like whatever was desired––fire makes marijuana psychoactive and Ashun/Smoke is the gematria 420.

What we call getting high, is a physical way of reaching into the heavens, making a connection between Heaven and Earth––an elevating experience, reducing stress while infusing a new spirit into old perceptions. Getting high is a spiritual lift. Two thousand years ago, before the advent of religion, people had the ability through reciting passages in the Torah to make that connection without stooping to smoking a plant meant for rope. Because each generation is lower than the previous, in our time––the prophecies End of Days––marijuana is meant to be smoked to connect the body to the soul.

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