Mr. Santa Clause

Having long white hair and a beard makes me the butt of jokes this time of year and though Santa is a happy dude––nonetheless, I dislike Santa because I am Jewish and he is not; Santa is false, while I am real. This pleasant Santa face of religion indicates the root of the problem––a man-made apparatus to breach the chasm between Heaven and Earth. Some see religion as a way to connect while other view religion as an unwanted imposition between Earth and God. The foundation of one’s faith needs to be true; a bitter seed grows a bitter fruit.

Naked truth need not be veiled by ritual and customs. The simple truth is easy, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is everywhere, all the time, to everybody. No religion, no ritual. Ancient peoples closer to the light of creation passed on knowledge, customs and even ritual meant to bring us closer to the ever-present Creator but religion is just a man-made money making machine meant to fleece the poor by selling heaven. Santa is the right face for this endeavor; a bright, jovial fat man rumored to give but always on the take.

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