Peace on Earth

War perpetrated by religion can only be ended by reverting back to the book from where each people drew their inspiration and knowledge. The question is not about which one is correct by rather, which one is prophetic. The Torah and the Koran are prophetic books while the Bible is not prophetic and called: inspirational writings. Rome and their writings were able to rule the world through their religion based on inspirational writings and their ability to divide and conquer the two peoples with prophetic books, the Torah and the Koran. Rome has conquered the world, but so what?

The purpose of life is to get close to God; money, power and secret agendas are ultimately pointless weapons of greed––war is the lubricant needed to insert their power as they rape the world. Both the Torah and the Koran were given to the nations through the heavens as books of peace. When people do violence in the name of these books––they take the chaff and leave the wheat. Peace will come to the world when the Torah and the Koran are equally acknowledged for being prophetic books sent from Heaven by the Hand of God.

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