Marijuana in the Temple

People did not smoke marijuana in ancient times but rather pressed the flower exuding the oil then applied the oil to their skin. Some surmise, the high from marijuana was responsible for the information being channeled but marijuana is like a step-ladder into the heavens where one can receive celestial messages. However, marijuana cannot overcome insensitivity. In those ancient days, people were sensitive to the spiritual dimension of life; in our times, marijuana primarily gives an appetite for the physical aspects of life––food, sex and sleep. Also, in our time, even the oil is smoked and not applied.

In this time, fire is necessary to bring about ascension; the small amount of heat used in pressing marijuana is not enough to elevate a crude populous––arrogant with our devices and discoveries. Even with fire, marijuana is generally a party drug; however, the medicinal properties of marijuana has opened up the pathways into the heavens and many people now use marijuana to help with meditation, yoga, prayer and other ancient disciplines necessary to maintain a balance life. Getting high is not the work. Once our head is in Heaven, as the body experiences euphoria, that’s when the work begins.

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