A War of Stupidity

Ignorance is the root of evil. Most wars are fought over something: land, money, ideology; but the war raging in the Middle East, in the cradle of civilization, is a war of stupidity. There is no crime in being stupid yet stupidity leads to all crimes. Obviously, Isis is not stupid because they are able to run a sophisticated social networking system, have an economy and run governmental offices but they are spiritually stupid. Books of prophesy like the Torah and the Koran come to bring light to the world but cannot prevent people from usurping this heavenly knowledge.

War is the worse kind of chaos causing constant separation while the Creator loves unity; as a result of this heinous brutal merciless war enemies have united to wipe out this scourge. Worse than an atheist, is one who justifies their actions with flagrant misuse of holy texts; an atheist leaves God out of creation but people like Isis leaves God out of the Koran. If we are loving people and the planet we live upon, than we are loving what God loves about creation. Ignorance and witless stupidity is the enemy of every country in the world and all peoples.

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