The Good, the Bad and the Word

The deep hidden sea of emotions are activated when a beam of light emanating from the essence of will illuminates the mind with a want; eventually translated into a thought, the will enters into the heart, evoking an emotion from the depth’s of one’s being. When the light returns back to the essence, an impression is left commanding the emotion. Commands come from the side of severity so when the light, which is kind, retracts, only the severity remains; even an emotion of love has within a kernel of harshness––a stone thrown into the still pond modulating the surface.

The mind guides the emotion through good intention; when the mind falters, the emotion turns harsh––stress ensues. This dance between the mind and the emotion calumniates with sound uttered through the portal of the mouth. The ability of the human being to articulate thoughts into speech is what separates the human being from the animal. The original will, transmitted through the brain, infused in every part of the body by means of the emotions is finally breathed into the throat, directed across the palette, projected by the tongue, broken by the teeth and ultimately kissed into the air as a word.

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