Time of Arrogance

The Roman calendar turns 2016 at midnight tonight, an occasion celebrated throughout the world––a sign of Roman world-wide conquest. There is arrogance in the Roman calendar, going on forever while other calendars cycle; the six thousand year Hebrew calendar, the five thousand year Mayan calendar and the 5740 year calendar of carbon 14 all cycle––the line is male while the curve is female. The male is the ego while the female is the soul; each is made male and female––In 224 years the world will enter into the seven thousandth year, a thousand years of woman.

The advent of the seven thousandth year, replete with woman and peace, is the final stage to human history on planet Earth. Like the six day week crowned by the seventh, so too the six thousand years will be crowned by the seventh. Rome, like their calendar, lacks the humility of change and eventually will be relegated to a mechanical time, upon whose digits computers operate. Drinking and drunkenness is the appropriate response to a calendar swaggering into the future on the wings of their propped up god. The Roman calendar ended in the year two thousand, they just don’t know it, yet.

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