Animals and Angels

The spiritual source of animals are the angels. The similarities between angels and animals are many: both are instinctual and confined by their natures and both are happy slaves to their masters, existing only for pleasure. Some human beings are attracted to animals because of their simple nature; when those human beings die they have an affinity with angels but now the physical table is turned to a spiritual table. Angels laugh at human souls trying to be perfect angels, like the human being laughs at his dog sitting on a chair watching tv, trying to be human.

Angel People are those satisfied doing repetitive jobs, keeping the system moving; they are happy just to be part of the tic-tock of time. The complete human being explores the God-given power of free choice. What is free choice? The ancients taught, Freedom of choice is a moment by moment proposition of being purposely cognizant of the Creator and creation simultaneously. The constant ebb and flow between Creator and creation animates time, giving space for expression; The human being is the envy of God’s love––the angels and animals are here to serve. The human being is here to love.

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