World-Wide Rape

An epidemic of rape has erupted throughout the world Rape severs the head from the body, then the body from the sex––in Israel, instead of rampant rape, there are knives wielded cutting the soul from the person. These expressions of anger are reprehensible. Woman share this planet with men; we are truly two different species––up until the last two thousand years of Roman rule, women were respected and cherished for their beauty and mercy. Rape, as a type of clandestine war against the gentleness of this world, is pure barbary––evil without redemption. Rape is anything, but manly.

Also, the condemnation of women displaying their beauty in public is not a justification for rape or abuse of women. Women are equal partners through God’s original commandment to the first man and woman––to work and to guard the garden. Women are not equal, they are greater; man works and dies for woman––spiritually, creation began with woman and will end with woman. In 224 years, at the end of the 6,000 year Hebrew calendar, we enter into a thousand years of woman and of peace. Respect for woman is imperative to reach this imminent culmination of man and women merging.

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