The State of Humanity

Most people want more because more is better but that is only true in the physical world where, if it is good you want more. In the spiritual world, more is less because smaller is better; the smaller you are, the further you can go. Physicality holds us to the earth while spirituality lifts us to the heavens. Each generation, from the beginning of human history, becomes more physical and less spiritual as we get further from the original light of creation. The purpose of physicality is to be the ultimate metaphor––celestial thoughts engraved into the hard matter of substance.

Indeed, what is the state of the human being as we approach the cyclical end of human history with the world pregnant with people, the environment polluted and fouled, the human being fixated on money and power, nations fighting over who will be the biggest bully. The world is on the brink of birth––a celestial birth through Mother Earth; we have gone through the travails of numerous contractions over the last century––after aligning with the center our galaxy in 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, the world has achieved dilation. The time has come to push.

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