The End of Days

The ancient prediction about an End of Days has been taken to mean, the end of life, but that is simply not true. The End of Days refers to the end of the calendars. The Roman calendar ended in the year two thousand, now Roman time only controls machines. The five thousand year Mayan calendar ended 12 years later in 2012 when the Earth passed through the galactic horizon and the six thousand year Hebrew calendar ends in 224 years. At the conclusion of these six thousand years, we then enter into The Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace.

This futuristic millennium occurs through the transition of our times, in particular. In the Fall we enter the year 5,777; the seven is indicative of the future––in that year a total eclipse of the sun will cut through the Bible Belt from Southern Oregon to South Carolina, apexing over Christian County, Kentucky––perhaps indicating an end to religion. The End of Days means the end to hypocrisy and politics because the End of Days proclaims the coming peace embodied in the Thousand Years of Woman. If we look beyond the smoke, war is ending and peace is quickly approaching.

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