The People of the Book

The Koran refers to the Jewish People as: the People of the Book; the book the Koran refers to is the Torah––the Koran also says, the Jewish People changed the word. Changing the word of prophesy is blasphemy. However, as prophesy tends to be vague and even misleading, some understand the phrase, Changed the word, to mean: changed the text of the Torah. In truth, one word of the Torah was changed; the word is Daka/Crushed, referring to one with crushed testicles––the letter Hey was replaced in some cases with the letter Aleph.

The interchange of these two letters does not change the meaning of the word whatsoever, but does change the value of the word by four. Prophesy is meant to be kept exact. The Arab People dedicate hundreds of thousands in each generation reciting Koran as the Prophet Mohammed read from the heavens. The Jewish People after 3,500 years, the last two thousand years in Roman exile, have lost the tradition of one letter. From Heaven’s standpoint changing a word of prophesy is outrageous because in Heaven everything is perfect, but stand upon the Earth where life is hard and impermanent.

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