Religion and Politics

Once, a rich man own a beautiful orchard, like none in the world. The rich man worried about each piece of precious fruit; he worried the tall wall he built to protect the orchard was not of sufficient protection so he decided to hire two guards to watch his fruit––but who could he trust to safeguard his fruit? The rich man, in his wisdom, decided to hire a stout blind man plus a weak cripple to direct the sightless guard. The weak man described the fruit to blindman; they devised a plan to take the treasure––the blind would carry the weak.

When the owner of the orchard returned and saw some of his precious fruit was missing, he asked the guards. One replied, I am blind and can't see the fruit and the other replied, I am lame and cannot walk––so the rich man put the lame man on top of the blindman and beat them together. The government is strong and could do a lot for the people but they have been blinded by money; religion is weak and impotent, wielding their lies through fear and dogma. We the people, should put them together and beat them equally.

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