The Judea-Christian Lie

History is written by the victors. Two thousand years ago, Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and sent the Jewish People into exile, expelling them from their land to roam the world. However, the worst crime against the Jewish People is taking our precious book, an ancient book of prophesy, as a basis for their newborn religion––Christianity. The Christian book, the Bible, is not prophesy and the story told never happened. Though great historians lived at that time––Josephus, Pliny, Philo––none mention Jesus or the story––in two thousand years, no historical evidence has been unearthed.

In addition, the story of the Bible indicts the Jewish People for killing god. Not only are the Jewish People in exile, but this hideous story is known throughout the world––the Jews killed god. Over the years, the tradition of the Jewish Scapegoat has come to be known as the Judea-Christian ethic, which is a lie. The Torah/Teaching is a book of prophesy meant to help all peoples come closer to the Creator; but the victor writes the history after raping and pillaging the most precious then selling them at the marketplace like common slaves.

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