Political Revolution

Without a spiritual component, political revolution is like a body without a soul; the soul of revolution is founded in spirit––revolution brings new light into the world. Therefore, to accompany the burgeoning political revolution there needs to be a spiritual revolution where the powers of religion are brought to the table of reformation. But, how to reform religion? First, we have to break up the big ones, the ones that are too big to fall, who perpetuate the notion of infallibility. Breaking up religion will inevitably be good for the spiritual health of our nation––the real universal healthcare.

Religion should be locked out of the White House and should not be allowed to lobby Congress; the influence of religion has fermented wars and exaggerated divisions between peoples causing endless discord. Mostly, religion needs to pay their fair share of the immense about of property they own–– presently, religion is exempt from all property tax. Religion is the most pernicious part of our society, working in the shadows, unaccountable for their actions and in league with the worst elements of greed and avarice. Religion is just another rich entity looking for a handout at the expense of the people.

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