The Garden of Eden

Recently in Jerusalem, three severely autistic men gave witness through an experimental communication device saying, A great calamity was quickly coming to the Earth from the heavens and those who see will go to live in caves. Theologians were quick to produce text from prophesy exemplifying the coming destruction but, negative prophesy need not come true. Even four thousand years ago, the people who saw the flood approaching from the heavens for hundreds of years knew, if they repented before God, the water would become a blessing instead of a curse. The same is true of people afraid of Nibiru, also known as Planet X.

This undiscovered planet, thought to be at the outskirts of our solar system, is destined to enter and destroy the Earth, according to recent theories. The ancients, who described the outer six planets (Neptune and Pluto were only recently discovered by astronomers) placed the Garden of Eden just beyond the Kuiper Belt surrounding our solar system. The purpose of creation is to bring the Garden of Eden, from where all life emanated, down to the Earth. Another prophesy states, When this begins, people will build huge tunnels beneath the ground to escape the light. Fear not the heavens nor the earth, fear only God.

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