Capitalism vs Socialism

Freedom of choice distinguishes the human being from the instinctual animal but often the choice is murky, particularly when it comes to politics. With ten month left until the election, a real choice is being put before the American People––capitalism or socialism. The capitalist, along with religion, is pushing free trade and rampant war while the socialist is triumphing the people against a rigged system. Both sides have staunch adherents and both sides are well funded––suddenly, their is a real choice. These two disparate points of view are the political boundaries of american society––an empty people.

America, in Hebrew is Am Richa meaning, An Empty People. Emptiness is a prerequisite to freedom of choice; the more a person is filled with things and thoughts, the less freedom of choice exists––true freedom comes from within. The real question is, what is life about? Are we here to conquer the world with our money or perhaps there is an alternative? The ancients called our world by the name Tavel, a word describing the collusion between animal and human. Freedom of choice is about being able to differentiate between the two and to chose the higher road.

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