The Tree of Prophets

Because God is neither physical nor spiritual and nothing in creation is anything like the Creator, and since the reason for creation is so the Creator can be known in time and space, God needs names and prophets to communicate to us in our world. The Names of God (in truth everything in creation is a Name of God) are directly connected to the Creator; in a similar way, a name is connected to a person––the name is a conduit to the world. Between the infinite names of creation and God’s endless Names, is the Tree of Prophets.

There was a time in the world, thousands of years ago, when prophesy was rampant throughout the globe. To be a prophet, one had be connected to God like the mouth is connected to the brain; prophets had to be exact and all positive prophesies had to turn out complete––if the prophet said it would rain from sunup until sundown and an hour before sundown the rained ceased, kill the prophet for he is false. There were many prophets but only two books of prophesy remain: the Torah and the Koran from the Jewish People and the Arab People.

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