Is the Bible Prophesy

No! In order for a book to be prophesy it must first be delivered to the world by a prophet––there is no prophet of the Bible. Second, prophesy needs to be exact; there can only be one edition––the Bible has over a thousand different renderings. Prophesy is a direct communication from the heavens. Those who spoke false in the Name of God were severely chastised. The reason why the Jewish and Arab Peoples received prophesy is because each were direct descendants from Avraham 3,500 years ago; Avraham came from the Tower of Babel and knew the secret of language.

Avraham taught his two sons, Ismael and Yitzhok, each a language able to connect with the heavens and later drew down the Torah and the Koran. Avraham is also the father and Sanskrit and the Indo-European language tree. The composers of the Bible 1,700 years ago wrote the Bible in Greek, the highest of the seventy world languages. The occasional jewels found within the Bible are glints of light embedded in darkness casting shadows of dogma upon the wall of the soul. The Bible is a manmade document. Better to go to the source material––the Torah and the Koran.

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