Three Ways to Rest

Every seventh day for 3,500 years, the Jewish People have kept the Shabbat––Day of Rest. Keeping the Shabbat requires pleasure without fire because, as the ancients described, the fire of the Shabbat is completely different from the fire of physicality. Therefore, one must both take pleasure in the day without transgressing the many laws established by the Rabbis over the last two thousand years. In the end, there are three prescribed methods of keeping the Shabbat: first is to study the Torah; second is to eat and third is to sleep––Shabbat is also a good time to have sex.

Studying the Torah is the preferred activity but the Torah can make one very sleepy, so go to sleep because you get pleasure from sleep and thus are keeping the Shabbat. However one cannot sleep forever, so when we awake and are yet uninspired to study the Torah, the advise is to eat. Have a sumptuous meal but after the meal one must say a rather long litany of blessings including added portions for the Shabbat. With satiated tongue and rested mind, time to take a book from the Torah, and in thanks to the Creator, be enveloped by the light.

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