Happiness Breaks All Boundaries

When a stingy man is happy, he gives a lot; when a violent man is happy, he laughed a lot––when we have sex, we invoke God’s Name as a way of expressing our happiness at the joyous occasion. What is it, about happiness? Happiness is the result of pleasure and the greatest pleasure is connection; the closer the connection, the greater the pleasure––when a person is happy, nothing stands in the way between him and the essence. Since living is an individual effort requiring extensive time alone, relationship is essential to sustain life by feeding from the source.

We connect to the earth through eating, we connect to the water through drinking and bathing; the air is filling and expanding within, and we connect to the fire through the darkness––but we connect to the Creator through humility, a result of happiness with the elements. The First Temple erected by Shlomo (Solomon) 3,000 years ago was eventually destroyed after 410 years because the Jewish People, though they did the 613 Commandments, they did not do them out of happiness and thus did not reach the essence––the reason for the demise of the Temple. Essence is endless.

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