What is Life

The discord throughout the world results from the way we interpret life, ultimately asking the question: What is life? Many people assert, life is not money, but without money how do you get life? As if life can be bought. Many people judge life on some futuristic sentience predicated upon the now. Colleges teach life to be an organism with a finite lifespan; those who matriculate, excel in taking more than they need. Neither money, religion or greed has been able to satisfy the elusive longing for life nor answer the ever-present dilemma encapsulated in the question, what is life?

Some are so vigilant about their take on life, they will go to war wanting to wipe out the opposition. The whole thing is ludicrous. Truly, life is about getting close to the Creator through the way we use our abilities in navigating the troubled waters of our world. Each is a distinct individual, created by the Creator––in this, we are all equal. In the final prophesy, each sits beneath his own tree. Pussy, in Hebrew means, Seduce; people who seduce, do so for their own benefit through lies and social trickery––many people lead such a life.

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