Martians Among Us

According to the ancients, the planet Mars seeded Earth with life. Four thousand years ago, after the great flood, people from the Earth left to go into the heavens to steady the firmament against further floods––they ended up on Mars, where they built the Tower of Babel. The human beings on Mars had learned to command the angels by means of the creative language. The angels have no memory and are built to be commanded; so God scramble the language and the Tower fell––however, the middle part remained where the people within would live forever, but without bodies.

Avraham was one of these people left without a body but through God’s help came to Earth with the secret of language, he knew the 22 movements of the mouth and was the author of three holy languages––Arabic, Hebrew and Sanskrit. Through these three languages, the inner secrets of creation are revealed in the Hebrew Torah, the Arabic Koran and the Indian Veddas; Avraham, the first of the three patriarchs, came from Ur/Fiery Light (Mars) and his descendent were called Urians or Aryans. The Aryans began in the Middle East but their influence has since spread throughout the world.

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