Starlight From Heaven

If we could see each star in the heavens, we would behold a mantle of light everywhere surrounding our solar system. The source of this mantle of light is the star; the star is very far away but emanates the light––the light and the star are two different things. That star is actually something while the light is nothing, completely reliant upon the source of light, the star. Before there was light and before there was space, there was essence; when the essence broke and space was created, the shards from the breaking of the essence shot out.

As the heavens congealed, the bits of matter flung out into empty space slowed then stopped at the speed of light. The light from the stars did not come to us from billions of years ago but rather, the star moved infinitely fast, trailing a line a light behind. The essence became infused in the starlight through endless attenuation until being received on the Earth; the Earth is tethered to the essence through the light of the stars––going the speed of light. However, the essence can travel immediate through the light to make a change in the world.

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