The Essence of Life

When the Singularity of creation broke establishing the realm of the space saturated with light spewing bits of matter in every direction, the core of our solar system was revealed; the Earth is tethered to the Essence; the light between the Earth and the Essence is merely a radiance––the star, a tiny piece of the original Singularity, is tied to the Earth through this strand of ephemeral light. However, the essence is only a radiance from the Singularity existing prior to the primordial breaking of one into many. The ancients called the essence, fixed in the stars, Reshima/Hint.

Essence is eternally secret; if the essence is seen, this is an indication that this is not the essence––nothing happens inside the essence. The soul of the human being is piece from the essence, as the ancients described the soul. Only a small light, like the light from the star, is invested inside the human being to enliven and direct our path through the darkness of life. The longing we feel in our heart is for the essence of our life; the great light seen at the brink of death is the light of the soul welcoming us home.

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