The Naked Woman

Woman are more beautiful than men and there is a reason why. Men need to be drawn out, nothing is more evocative to a man than the naked flesh of a woman. Every part of the woman’s body is provocative. Weak men blame woman for being beautiful; passionate people make dress restrictions on woman to keep the men under control––like the Middle East, known for their passion and their modesty. Many people practice modesty because modesty makes for better sex; plus, woman do not need to compete against the looks of other woman––increasing love among the feminine gender.

In places where modesty is not embraced, the beauty of woman is seen everywhere. Immortalized by artists in sculpture and in picture; she is captured by the camera, extolled in song and is secretly admired and adorned in the obscure words of poetry. Those of modesty revile those of free expression but both add value to the world and the human experience; with each comes its bad side and unintended ramifications––but, both are valid and both are beautiful expressions of woman. Ancient knowledge decreed, woman a different species than man. The dynamic between men and woman is also beautiful.

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