People are not Dead

Dying does not mean death. Dying is the final process of leaving life; dying separates the body from the soul––the body melts back into the earth while the soul rises into the heavens. The deterioration of the body continues long after life (body and soul combined) but neither dies. The dissolution of the body continues forever; the fractal disengagement of parts never dies. Death happens at the end of the process of dying; death happens after dying but before being buried in the earth––the separation between the body and the soul happens slowly, unseen in the ground.

When we sleep or when we pass out, we encounter the consciousness going out and up––a common human experience. The nature of consciousness is to rise; the nature of matter is to descend––each lives. The bones of the human being when left undisturbed make the image of the Four Letter Name of God, the YHVH, as a sign, the bones of all human beings are seeded in the ground, waiting to grow when the dew of the Garden of Eden settles upon the earth. In a few centuries, new bodies, impervious to disease, will grow from the ground.

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