The Lonely Pain

There is a loneliness is being born, living then leaving the world through the doorway of death; we are born alone and live life populated with people trying to get close but end letting go––the infant comes into the world with a clenched fist while the dead leave with an open hand. It is the lonely pain that drives people together yet the thirst for unity is never fulfilled. We can never get close enough. The Native Americans say, man only has the pain of loneliness in common; they would go on vision quests, alone on the top of a mountain.

In the beginning, God and God’s Name were One, since that time, since the beginning of time, the abyss between God and creation is exhibited everywhere all the time. The human being, replete with freedom of choice and the ability to articulate thoughts into speech, longs for the lost unity and looks for it everywhere, inside of everything but only finds loneliness. To be an individual, one must be alone; loneliness requires vision and hope in a future when the pain will subside but never leave. The pain of loneliness is the fuel of life.

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