Where Souls Go

The ancients knew of the outer six planets and had names for them: Ztia-Mars; Noseya-Jupiter; Gia-Saturn; Arka/Uranus; Adoma/Neptune and Eretz-Pluto; these six planets from the Earth are considered by the ancients as heavens––the Seven Heavens. These seven heavens are populated with different levels of angels who attend to the souls leaving and entering the Earth. These souls remain in the heavens until called forth to reenter into the cycle of life––reincarnation. When scientists look up to the sky wondering if we are alone in the universe, the entire universe laughs.

Creation is alive and cognizant of being created; creation moves, that is the definition of life––trying to get back to the Creator. The soul waits in the Seven Heavens demarcated by the six out planets and the moon. The soul waits to come back to the Earth; the Earth is like a slingshot the soul can use to get further into Heaven––beyond the necessity of reincarnation. Through good deeds and an honest life, the soul is slung at death with the celestial slingshot, and if meritorious, will pierce the seventh heaven, beyond the Kuiper Belt, and enter into the Garden of Eden.

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