Aliens Don’t Exist

The common definition of Aliens are other physical aberrations of conscious life but according to ancient understandings, there is no room in creation for other physical entities because physicality exists only on the Earth. Beyond the Earth is Heaven, extending out into space, a bubble embedded in OreAinSof/LightWithOutEnd––where time and space do not exist. The heavens are but a dot before God; the solar system is a dot in the universe––our earth is a dot in our solar system. Each dot is balanced between substance and spirit; Earth is more substance but the universe is more spirit.

Spiritual entities come from the stars then enter in through the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter. The ancients describe entities on Shabtai/Jupiter as having two holes in their face instead of a nose––spiritual beings using circular contraptions for transportation. There is as much diversity in the heavens as there is in the oceans. There is a spiritual technology, far beyond the hands of man, yet we are the beautiful human being on planet Earth where God’s reason for creation is manifested in our physical actions. The heavens are but a buffer placed between God and Earth.

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